This project couldn’t have turned out into a reality and useful opportunities for the inclusion of students with low vision without the hard work from our partner entities during its difficult times


Albinit has organized itself to manage some few but good projects in which it firmly believes, and which over the years are allowing the seeds planted to become more than sprouts, and now seedlings that seem to have flourished and are beginning to bear fruit thanks to the illusion and passion of everyone.

The association was formed in May 2008 by a small group of people eager to help overcome the daily small and big obstacles that Albinism entails. It is aimed at people with albinism and their families, medical staff, school staff, and anyone who wants to participate in their own way.


ALBA is the Spanish association to help of people with Albinism. Funded in 2005, it gathers people with Albinism and their families, along with professionals interested in this genetic condition.

ALBA is moved by the desire for every person with albinism to grow up, study, work, and develop in a society free of intolerance and myths about this genetic condition.

We cooperate with both public and private institutions, national or international. Knowing, sharing the people’s experiences, and overcoming adversity within a framework of social inclusion is our main objective.

Oogverenging Albinisme

Oogverenging Albinisme is the Dutch association for people with albinism and their loved ones. If you yourself have albinism, are a parent of a child with albinism, or just want to learn more about albinism in general, we are here for you and all your questions about albinism.

Our group aims to inform, support, and connect people; we represent the interests of people with albinism and work together with various national and international organisations.

We offer a wide variety of and activities, committed to everyone related to albinism, medical and practical information, the latest scientific advances, etc.


The Danish Association for Albinism was founded in 1996 by a group of people with albinism and parents of children with albinism.

Its purpose is, among others, to provide guidance and support and to help create the framework to develop a network for members through which experiences can be exchanged.

The association has currently ~120 members, gathering adults, children, and youth diagnosed with albinism, plus their family members and other interested parties.


NFFA is an association for people with albinism and their families, with approximately 170 members.

It is an important space for the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and information, with a member magazine «Lysluggen», published about 4 times a year.

Every year in mid-March, the annual members meeting is held, gathering its members to socialize, learn new things, and get advice and news that makes everyday life with visual impairment and sensitive skin easier and smarter.