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Strategic Partnership of European Youth with Albinism (YPA)

This project is funded by the Erasmus Plus Program. This project has five partners (Spain, Italy, France, Norway and UK), whose main objective is to build a Strategic Partnership of European associations of youth with albinism.

The duration will be 18 months (01 December 2014 to 01 June 2016).

The participation will be over 200 young people with albinism, professionals and skilled workers that work with them.

This project will be based on a mixed mobility method: Virtual Mobility and Physical Mobility.




1.- General Activities

2.- 1st Transnational preparatory meeting.Paris

3.- 2nd Transnational preparatory meeting.Milan

4.- Training in Italy.

5.- White Umbrella.

6.- Multiplier Event.

7.- Mobile applications.

8.- Downloads.

General Activities

This project comprises a set of activities that will be develop within a year and a half.
The methodology of this project will be based on non-formal education, workshops, dynamics, games, experience exchanges and virtual exchanges that will have a special weight, it will be particularly important peer learning for the skills development among youth.

- Consolidation of an European Network of Young People with albinism, to encourage participation and improve the capacity of associations to improve their own projects.
- Development of an online platform for the project and for the network.
- Dissemination of a campaign on social awareness and Albinism awareness: it will promote the realization of a book in digital format with positive biographical testimonials and a children’s tale story with a boy or girl as the main character.
- Consulting and support services for mobilities of young with albinism in the Erasmus+ program, in its different mobilities, within the school years, secondary school, professional education, high studies and especially in non-formal education (Youth). Create a network of families of young people with albinism for exchanges.


- Manual of Good Practices for the project and Emergency guide.
- Intermediate and final evaluations.
- Exchanges of young people with albinism.
- Exchanges of experts/support staff for young people with albinism.
- Support service for each entity to assist the participants in obtaining the Youthpass.




1st Transnational preparatory meeting. Paris 2015.

Preparation of the security and protection measures for the project. Educate in prevention, and prepare the Manual of Good Practices for the whole project and design of an Emergency guide.Design the publicity campaign and give visibility to the project.



2nd Transnational Meeting of European Associations. Milan 2016.

Meeting of the European associations including:
- Common sessions with the YPA participants (presentation of their programe activities, presentation of the European Associations, presentation of the context and historical background of the European Albinism Collaboration…)
- An exchange of experiences of each association
- Summary of the products finished: Guide for parents, Guide for young people with albinism, Mobile contest
- Set the bases for the organization of future YPAs and consolidation of the collaboration.

Milan 2nd Transnational Meeting

Milan 2nd Transnational Meeting


Training in Italy. April 2016.

Duration: 5 days.
Meeting for learning and testing of the materials derived from the results of the young people with albinism during the first YPA. Workshops, lectures, group dynamics and meetings will take place during this meeting.
An international exchange in Italy with delegations of 4 young people an 1 companion per country participant.
Total: 20 young and 5 companion.



White Umbrella.

During the 2nd YPA (Young People with Albinism) meeting in Milan, our young participants from different parts of Europe enjoyed an activity across the streets of Milan with the aim of raising awareness of the albino condition through the European community. This activity was organized by Albinit, Onalim, Le Compagnie Malviste, HC and Non riservato.

An incredible experience, made of feeling of community group cohesion and absolute tolerance.

Tolerance towards all of our personalities, interests and abilities. And a good amount of fun and craziness.



Valencia. May 2016

Meeting to conclude the project with the presentation of our intellectual outputs:
- Guidebook for parents of a newborn with albinism.
- Guidebook for young people with albinism: No barriers or borders.
- Mobile application selected in Milan by the YPA participants.

It also included the presentation of all the general activities done during the project as:

- Consolidation of an European Network of Young People with Albinism on a Facebook group: 2nd Meeting of young Europeans with albinism
- A Children's Tale.
- A manual of Good practices for the project and an Emergency Guide.
- Delivery of Youthpass certificates to each participant.
- The creation of a network of families for exchanges at the website http://www.youthalbinism.eu/
- Video shooting with interviews to all the YPA participants where they explain how they face their daily activities in their own countries and their experience coming to this exchange meeting with other European young people with albinism


Mobile applications.

App. "Story Teller" with "Mini.The star on the Chiristmas Tree"


“Reading” images and audio stories are a very interesting activity to practice with those who are moving through the early stages of pre-reading and a fundamental tool for visually impaired children.

With “Storyteller”, both parents and educators can record in audio format the reading of the story so that children can hear and see the illustrations as many times as they want.

Visually impaired children have serious problems accessing and viewing illustrations of stories both on paper and in most digital media.

With “Storyteller”, illustrations are incorporated in high resolution and, with a zoom tool, the visually impaired children will be able to view and navigate through the illustrations.

The illustrations act contextualizing the narrative allowing to establish sequential connections between scenes and showing the link between emotions and images.

“Storyteller” has two tools:
1. Recording
It consists on recording an audio track for each illustration.

2. Listening:
Children will be able to listen to the story page by page by accessing the display of the illustrations.



"Guidebook for parents of a newborn with albinism"

"Young people with albinism: No barriers or frontiers"


"Mini.The star on the Chiristmas Tree"